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Why is Poo de cologne the best toilet freshener spray?

So why is Poo de cologne the best Toilet Freshener?

It’s not like this blog has been written to toot our own horn, wait a…maybe it is :) just a bit, because we have come up with an innovative, efficacious, and one-of-a-kind product.

Being the only preventive solution out there in the market for bad toilet odor does kinda make us stand tall.

We have a solid reason for you to believe in our claim, a reason that is taken from our third-grade science textbooks - OIL FLOATS ON WATER. Yes, we have all learned that oil floats on water and that is exactly what the essential oils in Poo de cologne do; they create a formidable barrier layer on top of the toilet bowl water. Then when you land your brownies, the bad odorous gases get trapped below the water’s surface, they can’t get out no matter how hard they try. Meanwhile, the disturbances from your splashes activate the essential oils to fill the loo with their beautiful aromas.

So you see, that’s what we mean by preventive.

While other brands are marketing synthetic fragrances and approved fragrances as essential oils, we use only 100% pure essential oils in our formulations. This ensures that you don't sneeze and wheeze, instead, these oils calm your senses, lift your energy and revitalize your being.

While aerosols may appear to be cheaper, they may lead to high medical bills in the long term, and in the short term, you are paying for a can full of filler gas and toxic chemicals like phthalates, parabens, etc. No wonder those aerosol spray cans do such a bad job at covering up the bad smells and such a good job at emptying up so quickly.

If you use Poo de cologne as directed on the back of the pack; which is as simple as 1. Spray 2. Poop 3. Flush; you can be assured of 100% masking of bad odors and you can confidently leave behind a fresh-smelling loo.

Our Poops a lot variant has been appreciated for its extra strength, while Poopsie Daisie has grown a reputation for keeping the loo fragrant for hours with its long-lasting abilities. Poop Essentials has high

concentrations of pure pine essential oil that is known to have disinfectant properties and Pooparazzi’s citrusy fragrance will at once take you to your happy place, making your experience in the bathroom a pure pleasure. And how can we forget our Hero - Mask a poo - a favourite of our male customers because of its woody top notes.

When you buy Poo de cologne, you pay for purity, not for gas and fillers that are used to bulk up the product mass. Each 120ml bottle of Poo de cologne, India’s first and best toilet freshener, gives 400 sprays of good quality ingredients.

And while you are at it on the pot why don't you visit our Instagram page @poo_de_cologne for some great toilet humour that will make your stay in there even more delightful.

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