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Frequently Asked "Shitty" Questions

  • How many times do I have to spray?
    How much your poop stinks depends on various things, like your gut bacteria, the food you eat, medications you take etc. Pooperman may need up to 7 sprays to cover up the emission from his meteor shower, while on the other hand Sir Poops-A-Lot may need a lower dosage for his more frequent visits. Keeping this in mind we have designed our sprays in a way that allows for low output of product with every spray making it possible for users to adjust the dosage as per their requirements thereby reducing wastage. We suggest spraying 6 times when you use Poo- de-cologne for the first time and then lowering the number of sprays as per your requirement, however we don’t recommend going below 4 sprays.
  • What’s the best way to use Poo-de-cologne?
    When you use Poo-de-cologne for the first time you will have to pump a few times before the spray exits the bottle in full strength. Then on, spray 6 times directly over the toilet bowl water, from a distance of about 6 inches, at an angle of 45 degrees After this, depending on the intensity of the stink and the intensity of your stench paranoia gauge if you need a little less. In general, we don’t recommend going below 4 or over 7 good sprays. For the hot air you let out amidst the plops, you could give the surrounds a spray after you flush – you be judge of that.
  • What about the smell of flatulence during pooping?
    If you toot while you poop we suggest you spray Poo-de-cologne once into the air.
  • Why is the product not spraying well?
    Check the level of the product in the bottle. If it is very less, we suggest you turn the spray and tilt the bottle such that the end of the dip tube is completely immersed into the little product left. Better still, always stock up on Poo-de-cologne before you get caught with your pants down.
  • Can I take Poo-de-cologne in a smaller spray bottle to office?
    Commercially available spray pumps may not be compatible – with the possibility of clogging, leaking, and poor dosage of the fine mist spray. So we suggest you carry our bottle only. Till such time as we come up with out travel pack. Spoiler alert..coming soon.
  • What is so special about Poo-de-cologne?
    Besides that fact that it is made from 100% pure essential oils, with no alcohol, no aerosol, no parabens…well it only saves you from the deep flush of embarrassment on your face when your boss enters the loo next.
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