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Our Story

The stink-a-phobe

Essentially Happy Marketing is dedicated to bettering

people’s lives through the goodness and magic of essential

oils and all things fragrant. Our first launch is Poo-de-cologne,

a simply brilliant solution that promises to transform your

pooping experience, taking it from the stables to the meadows

in just a few sprays. It will give you the confidence to leave

the loo and help show your consideration for those in queue.

Aditi Talwar Sodhi is the founder of Essentially Happy.

Before taking the entrepreneurial leap, she was a

successful brand strategist, with over 20 years of

experience building global, regional and local brands. A

published author and scriptwriter, her love affair with

fragrances has intoxicated her, enticed her and stimulated

her all her’s the one thing that makes her

Essentially Happy!

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