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Before U Do No.2 Toilet Spray

Woody, citrusy, sweet and fresh – this blend is know for its strength and stay, just the two things we were looking for to abolish any trace of malodor, and leave the throne-room fit for a king.

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Before U Do No.2 Toilet Spray

This blooming floral bouquet combines fragrances of several flowers in a single and harmonious note to spread romance in the air; as it nonchalantly dismisses any unpleasing smells from the blossoming environs.



Before U Do No.2 Toilet Spray

This fine blend of peppermint, lime and rosemary radiates with freshness and vitality, instantly infusing your senses with the botanical wonders of herbs while lifting your spirits with the energetic vibrations of citrus and mint. Perfect when the space is shared by him and her.



Before U Do No.2 Toilet Spray

Eucalyptus is one of the most favored scents for masking. Poo-de-cologne Mask A Poo has a high concentration of quality eucalyptus oil, making it a sure shot winner. Complemented by the top notes of grapefruit with a heart of musky cedarwood it creates an ambiance of pure indulgence.



Before U Do No.2 Toilet Spray

Spritz this fresh scent and its sparkling citrus notes will immediately take you to your happy place while its lingering veil of bergamot, lemongrass and other special notes will hang in the air long after you’re gone. This aromatic, fresh and tart fragrance has found equal appeal amongst men and woman.

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  • Made from 100% pure essential oils that ensure long-lasting fragrance and purity.

  • 100% odor masking.

  • No toxic chemicals.

  • No gas. No aerosol. No alcohol. No Synthetic fragrances. Making it the best air freshener for daily use.

  • Guaranteed to combat the roughest of toilet activity.

  • A must for travel, shared accommodations, shared toilets, office stalls, hotels and malls. A honeymoon necessity. A comfort at home for family and guests. A point of difference for vacation rentals. Ensures no 'fishy' smells in restaurants.

Before u do No.2
Toilet Spray

Why is Poo de cologne toilet freshener better than aerosol air fresheners?

Protective Face Mask

Aerosol sprays are laden with disease causing chemicals.

Ordinary aerosols contain synthetic fragrances that are known to cause allergies & asthma.

Post toileting fresheners are an afterthought and don't do a good job covering the bad smells that have already permeated the environment.

They may be cheaper, but are you paying for a can full of gas!

Poo de cologne has no toxic chemicals. It contains high concentrations of essentials oils, that make our range non-toxic, strong and long lasting.

Poo de cologne contains 100% pure essentials oils that make the room fragrant as well as indulge the senses.

Poo de cologne is the only preventive solution to bad bathroom odors that guarantees a stink-free experience when used as prescribed on the back of the pack.

Poo de cologne has no gas. Only goodness and purity.

Switch to the best air freshener in India - Poo de cologne.

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